I can now offically put BA (Hons) after my name ;) I have a degree in archaeology from Bristol University :D Don't ask me how I got interested in archaeology, I can't remember :P But I have always been interested in history since I was at primary school, and I guess it came from that!

Anyway, here is some linkage for you to follow, and a whole bunch of archaeology cartoons that I've found XD

Time Team Site - User friendly site, with games and stuff to play

BBC Archaeology - Another user friendly site, with more games ;)

Stonepages - Good site for those interested in British Megaliths (stone circles and stuff)

Britarch - A more academically minded site, but has good info about field schools all over Britain

English Heritage - Archaeology section of English heritage, has a lot of good info, and sites to visit :)

Archaeology Cartoons!