Why not try this out for yourself? Go to Google. I put in "Hayley is", so just swap my name for yours, & see what comes up! Make sure you leave the speech marks in or it won't work!

Hayley is...
...purely sensational
...slim and beautiful
...champ again despite defeat
...neither arrogant nor falsely demure, just a young woman with the regular passions of someone her age and an irregular ability to express herself
...going to be a right little monster
...destined for stardom
...all charm, smiles & raspberry lip balm on the surface but a devious wee schemer underneath
...champion of the underdog
...not a prize
...a modern teenager who solves a kidnapping with the help of her Siamese cat
...half-adolescent & half-woman, as raw & violent as any male counterpart, & just as calculating