101 Facts About Me!

  1. I'm phobic of moths *shudders*
  2. I have a degree in Archaeology
  3. I've travelled to Wales, Ireland, Iceland, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, Turkey, USA, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Botswana, The Gambia, Senegal, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Croatia, Slovenia & Slovakia.
  4. I've never been to Scotland O_o *Edit -> I have now :D
  5. I'm an only child
  6. I lost my last milk tooth when I was 17, and even then it was only because I pulled it out myself
  7. I've been a vegetarian since I was 11
  8. I wear glasses
  9. My biggest fear is loneliness
  10. I can't drive :( *Edit -> But I'm learning now :D *Double Edit -> I can drive. Yay!
  11. I have a blue Citroen C1 called Valerie.
  12. I'm a qualified assistant swimming teacher
  13. I'm an atheist
  14. is my lucky number XD
  15. I've played the piano, keyboard, violin, cello and recorder (if that counts XD) but none to any high level (oh and the ocarina too XD)
  16. I have dancing certificates in Ballet, Tap and Modern Dancing, although I haven't done anything like that since I was about 11 O_o
  17. I have other - a little more recent ;) - certificates in Drama, Swimming and Trampolining *boing*
  18. If I could meet one person dead or alive I would chose Leonardo Da Vinci
  19. I'm a jack-of-all-trades - and master of none :(
  20. I've read all the Harry Potter Books to date
  21. I have 4 cats *purr*
  22. I've lost count of the number of children I've saved from drowning. Heh
  23. I can bend the tips of my ring fingers, by themselves, without bending any of the other joints O_o
  24. I can bend my wrists right down so the full length of my thumbs is entirely flat against my arm
  25. I can put my feet (independently O_o) behind my head
  26. Sometimes my right knee comes out of joint if I sit down funny (*ewww* and *owww*)
  27. I hate hate hate raw tomatoes. I can't even stand to watch someone eat one O_o
  28. I never crawled when I was a baby
  29. My first proper word (not babytalk) was 'duck'
  30. I taught myself to read by the time I was 3
  31. I can age and sex a human skeleton by sight
  32. I've handled the skeletal remains of well over 200 people. Dontcha just love osteoarchaeology? :P
  33. I use smileys waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much :P
  34. I've been on TV and in the local paper (for different reasons :P)
  35. My favourite food is Chinese *mmmmmmmmmmmm* *yumyum*
  36. I have recurring anxiety dreams where I lose one or more teeth. Sometimes they grow back, sometimes they don't :(
  37. It really bugs me when people say 'haitch' instead of 'aitch' for the letter 'H'. Learn to say it properly :PP
  38. I procrastinate: Lots :P *sits around for a bit*
  39. I'm godmother to my cousin's little boy :D
  40. I have allergies to sea water and to chlorine O_o
  41. I have freckley-moley things on the top of my left arm in the shape of The Plough star constellation
  42. I can say the alphabet backwards
  43. I've skydived from 12,000ft (tandem)
  44. I've white water rafted the highest commercially raftable waterfall in the world (which was 7m high!)
  45. I've been Zorbing
  46. If I could meet any fictional character it would be Albus Dumbledore. I'd get him to meet up with me and Leonardo XD
  47. I've travelled to every state in Australia
  48. I've swam with Whale Sharks
  49. I'm training to be a teacher. I started to train to be a teacher but got disenchanted with the whole ridiculousness with the bureaucracy and standard setting. I had thought that teaching was all about the children. Apparently, it's not *sigh*
  50. I do crossstitch in my spare time ^^
  51. I have blue eyes
  52. I can touch type, but I don't do it 'properly'
  53. I have two middle names
  54. I hate my body
  55. I wish I could spend my life travelling ^^
  56. I used to run my own TCG; Masterpiece!
  57. I'm seriously considering plastic surgery
  58. I was born on a Sunday
  59. I really really want it to snow on my birthday ^^
  60. ...and at Christmas ;D
  61. I love books and I love to read ^^
  62. I don't like gold jewellery, I only wear silver :)
  63. I'm crap at learning languages, but I would love to learn every language in the world ^^
  64. I get sunburned really easily and need to wear majorly high factor sunscreen, stand in the shade and wear a hat XP
  65. I'm terribly disorganised, and I like it like that.
  66. I have shoe, handbag & jewellery addictions ;D
  67. I want to work in a museum
  68. I have big feet O_o
  69. ... and long legs
  70. My favourite vegetables are mushrooms
  71. I'm a flirt
  72. My favourite TV shows include Doctor Who & Pushing Daisies
  73. I'm addicted to Diet Coke
  74. I'm a romantic realist....this makes my life very confusing. Haha
  75. I've had my gallbladder removed.
  76. I've been diagnosed with CFS (otherwise known as ME)

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